Santa Jim

Santa Jim in Louisville, Kentucky invites anyone in need of a professional Santa this Christmas season to contact him today!

Santa Jim has been a Santa for over 55 years. After retiring as Vice President of Blue Cross & Blue Shield, he has served as a full-time professional Santa for 16 years. He has taught classes at Noerr Santa University in Denver, CO and brings a professional approach and caring attitude to every get-together.

He has an all-white, natural, full beard and authentic Santa suit to eliminate any doubts. He has experience with both children & adults and taking photos with individuals & groups! For the past several years, Santa Jim has also served as Santa for larger venues, including shopping malls in Boston, MA, Long Island, NY, Menlo Park, NJ, Jacksonville, FL, Providence, RI, Chicago, IL and Austin, TX.

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Whatever event you're planning...Santa Jim will be the perfect addition!

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Santa Jim

Santa Jim Heichelbech
H: 502-409-8314
C: 863-558-2714

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